A good week…

Overall, it was a good week with the Mini-Nachos.  I had some small hiccups and missteps…and learning things for next time, but overall my week fast and without incident.

This first segment is broken into two halves…one for graphic design, the other for sewing.

My fellow tech and Open Works instructor, Miss Sharmane, took the helm for the textiles and sewing techniques and there is mutual love amongst the group and Miss Sharmane.  The learned about the CNC embroidery machine, made zipper bags, and started on reading patterns and began construction on a pajama set.  Both nights when I told them it was dinner time, the retort was groans of disappointment — which amazing!  Kids are SAD to leave a project in leu of pizza?! (now you know they are engaged and having fun).

Unfortunately, the graphic design instructor I had originally scheduled with had a conflict so it was left to me to teach the Graphic Design segment.  LUCKILY, I am well versed in graphic design…so it was something I had no qualms about stepping into.  It does throw a shadow of worry in mind in the case that another instructor may be sick or have another conflict, but I am hopeful…and am thinking of purchasing Vitamin C packages for all the subsequent instructors dosing.

SIDE NOTE: But my hope is also that in that there was an emergency or scheduling conflict — based on the structure and the depth of the safety certification handouts AND the analogous action plans that any tech or instructor in that department could easily step in as substitute.

I look forward to the segments where I am not the sole instructor and I can be more of a floater and or advocate between the classrooms.  I am still trying to find my stride with handling two classrooms simultaneously…so only have the responsibility might be nice vs. adding the extra ball of teaching, bouncing between classrooms, and being a time keeper and student keeper…all at the same time.  But I have a great group of kids — all amazingly responsible and wonderfully motivated — so behavioral/personality issues have been minimal…and engagement has been strong.  I think having an application process and only accepting those really engaged students HELPS…but it is also something I am keeping in my back pocket as for the next iterations of this programming.  For now, I am trying to stay present and appreciative for my rockstar of a group…and appreciate all of their wonderful energy.

FOR FUTURE PROGRAMMING:  I think moving forward with this programming I will only hold programming till THE LATEST 7pm, I am learning some of the kids might have some issues with public transit AFTER 8pm, with their student bus passes…which is perturbing.  Which sadly might force my hand in keeping the programming to Greenmount West and it’s surrounding neighborhoods constituents…or push me to hold programming for three days per week for\fewer hours (to get their needed hours in) — I will have to hold on making a decision on that till post the whole program, so I can weigh all the pros and cons.