All that panic for….

This week started a new section!  WOODS + Laser Cutting!
I recruited…

Lawrence Moore


  • Owner of Heavy Paper LLC
  • University at Buffalo, 2005
  • Station North Tool Library and OpenWorks Technician and instructor.
  • * Former High School Substitute Teacher!

Ben Fann

Laser Cutting

  • BFA in Architectural Design from MICA
  • Architecture intern and a fabricator
  • Technician and instructor at Open Works

Both were highly recommended by Miss Laura, but after my last few weeks of a substitute teacher situation, I was skeptical…I had panic dreams of me dropping the balls in various ways — me not reserving the classroom and the kids showing up, me not ordered the materials so they all SIXTEEN of them stood and staring and glaring at me.  I was up till midnight the night before “cramming” to prepare and was in the office by 9am to triple check all the things I had put in place.

I had done my part…room was reserved, materials were ordered, quizzes were printed, handouts 3-hole punched, power points were created, everything was ready to go…then I had a flash of panic again what if no one was to show up?  We had LOW turn out for critique and having notification that they would not being receiving their certifications might inspire that half to not return…then I would be down to only 8 kids TOTAL!  I paced for hours waiting hoping and even hid in my micro studio till right up until class time.  Then — TEN kids showed up, even the elusive Rama!

And Lawrence and Ben were there.

All waiting for me in the classroom.

This happened both days!  I show up, we did our usual housekeeping stuff, the kids knew they needed their binders and stood up when ready to go to their respective studios with their instructors.

I never felt so unneeded…which was great! I shadowed in the both studios for an hour or so each…attempting to document some in my “free time” but my presence of setting the shot up was distracting for both classrooms, so I opted out of taking any more photos.

But it was really solidifying to see the programming “click” — things were as they were supposed to be.  The participants have a strong sense of the schedule, the fellow instructors came early to support me and stayed late to decompress — both expressing their joy with my group and asking to be the chosen instructors for any future programming I have with teens!


So all that worrying for…nothing.

I get that I had some anxiety because of the last section, paired with being sick the week before (which threw me a few days off my plan) which made me feel, overall unprepared and nervous.  But all the pieces went off without a hitch…all the pieces I created for this section will carry on for both my programming and even the certifications for both wood and laser for all Open Works members…

All in all — it was a HECTIC-LY wonderful week.