For my ladies…Arizona Gynecology Consultants

Arizona Gynecology Consultants specialize in all aspects of women’s health and are dedicated to practicing excellence in women’s care. Our Phoenix gynecology consultants are highly experienced practitioners and provide a wide array of services to address the needs of women.

Check out the new branding for AZGYN, including a portion of their brand standard, a snippet from their social and their webs design, and also see some of the options they passed on.

A Blooming GREEN Party

Glenn Ross | State Delegate

Grass roots built (pun intended), the Green party is based on the principles of green politics, such as social justice, environmentalism and nonviolence.

Through my Community Arts Graduate Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I met Glenn Ross. He was a guest lecturer and tour guide for his Baltimore Toxic Tour. He had spent his previous 20 years dealing with sanitation, public health and decent housing as a community activist on the behalf of his East Baltimore neighborhood and for years was trying to shine a light on the urban environmental issues that faced his community.

So when Mr. Ross announced his interest in running for State Delegacy under the Green Party, I volunteered to do his branding and social strategy. I created a brand standard, along with printed, digital, and DIY marketing materials for his campaign. Sadly he did not win, but the iconography permeated into the East Baltimore community and remnants of the campaign can still be seen “in the wild.”