Closing out the second section of the first session…

Great news is at the close of this week we officially finished the first section….all my participants have learned graphic design AND sewing, respectively.  UNFORTUNATELY, this last week’s NorEaster Storm threw a wrench in my shiz uh-gain.  Forcing me to postpone yet another critique*.

*- At the end of the first section, 30 mph winds closed schools, so we cancelled programming.

The original plan was simply combine critiques for both Graphic Design and Sewing, but now we have to combine Graphic Design, Sewing, AND Robotics/Electronics and 3D printing into one huge critique. And several students will be missing from Spring Break week, so I am nervous on how that critique will roll.

The participants themselves are rolling with it the changes, updates, and the new information (the programming’s curriculum) like champs…I just feel like a I am juggling while riding a bicycle in the background and in the wings.  I hope that they don’t see me sweating and only sees the curriculum going off without a hitch in the classroom…but of that I am not sure.  And I can’t ask because then they will know something is afoot — so I am gonna just pretend like this was all fine, and not stressful.  LAWD, now I know what my mother felt like every holiday (Christmas, Easter, Birthday, or Halloween).

The solution is I structured the week will be built in self-paced scaffolded stations, that get more and more complex (similar to how we built the sewing section, first you make a zipper bag, then you moved on to a pattern, starting with the pajama pants, and IF you had time you could move on to the pajama top) — that way no matter how many days the participant can come to programming they can come in, start, MAKE, and learn at the beginning task and get as far as they can, in the time allowed.  I also plan to  discuss with each student their level of availability and desired area of focus, so in the case they are limited on time and won’t make all the hours, they self-decided which exposure(s)/certification(s) they would get robotics/electronics or 3D printing (or all both).  It was a game of re-tetris-ing components, but I got them all to refit in a similar fashion…and seemlessly.

Another hiccup — my personal Mac laptop is in the Apple Hospital — AKA it has been mailed to the BIG Apple Repair shop for repair.  The first-string repair guy at the Apple store seemed confident of the problem, but was unsuccessful in solving the issue as they didn’t have all the parts necessary to fully solve the problem.  The top chasis was cracked and was holding certain buttons down, so when I would type in combination it was creating weird calls and effects, ultimately causing me to have force quit out of all programs. So I am sans a computer a few days…and although I have access at MP and OpenWorks, not having all my passwords (I have LastPass for my logins) or files (a lot of files/images/native programs files simply lived/began on my hard drive) has been a bit of hurdle. It is disconcerting to be so dependent on such a fragile device (the same goes for our cell phones).  But hopefully it will be a quick and this will be a funny blip with some inconvenient work arounds. #fingersCrossed