Deeper dives for action plans

This week I spent a lot of time talking to the techs, instructors, and management about what the curricula should be for the TMEP workshops…my biggest challenge thus far has been coordinating the dates with so many people. I get the time line of February 2018 in October, November and or December of 2017 seems a million miles away…but for me, it’s right MEOW.

The good and bad news of it has been inspiration has struck so many of the techs/instructors and I had to clear my schedule a few times to accommodate just sitting down with each of them to brain storm inspiration, ideas, goal, and tie ins.  Again, the wonderful thing has been their absolute FIRE that are coming out of these educators.  They are now putting money to mouth and rubber to road on what their section could look like, what it could encompass and how that could affect their life in the long term.

Some have come to the light via my constant pressing…others came to after seeing my presentation Friday or hearing about it from those who were there.  I thought I had exhibited a boiler plated presentation of everything I have been saying for months…and that my coworkers would see it is as redundant.  Surprisingly, they were inspired and empowered by my words…and even my emotional breakdown.  Friday afternoon and Saturday morning were full of meetings, stop bys, and messages from those who caught the TMEP “Fev-ah.”

  • I met with Muhammed from PURGG (Pop Up Robotic Gaming Grounds) Project — a robotics for children entrepreneur…we are honing in battle robots team that will compete in a light up battlefield in the Open Works parking lot during Light City Week, including LED costumes.
  • Ben the laser, CNC and woods tech came up with an amazing ideas for lovely stories about how to connect making and Baltimore neighborhoods through our shadow box/accordion box project.
  • I chatted with some of the sewing techs and got some amazing ideas for some the sewing projects, including GLOW IN THE DARK Thread!

My only issue is that we are cutting things so close, I would have liked to have more advanced lead time. I would like to have had this info before…but I also get that reality and timelines are different for everyone.