Final Thesis Exhibition | The Future is in the “Making”

FutureInTheMaking-Exhibit-3Putting two years of researching, prototyping, networking, teaching, planning, and community building to work, I set to create an installation to showcase the “Teen Maker Entrepreneurship Program” I had built at Open Works during my AmeriCorp residency for my final Masters thesis art exhibition in May 2019. I collaborated with fellow MICA graduate student, Sam Mitchell, to film a mini-documentary that showcased and promoted the program. The screen it showed from was flanked with a CNC routed “crowd” of sign holders (made by the help of OW Digital Fabricator, Benn Fann). I show cased final pieces and personal statements from my five cohorts of studnets. And I painted and installed vinyl to complete the branded look. Come installation day, my students, coworkers, and other community members joined with me to help me install the gallery plan over a two day window, truly putting the “community” in my community art exhibition. It was a lovely punctuation of so much work and was a wonderful amplification of the facility, my participants, and my art mediums.


The future is in the “Making” video (20 min run time)