Personality diptych

A lot of people know me as “Nacho” — a not-so-mild-mannered art director by day, always-up-for-a-concert…or a road trip…or scavenger hunt-by-weekend-night wing-woman pal — but once upon a time, way back in the late 90’s she was known as “Theresa” and she was an shy, art nerd. GASP!

I still feel I have this dichotomy to my personality that this diptych portrays — even thought it is now over a decade old. They say that everyone has an “other” side…the older I get the less and less shy and wallflower-ish I am…but I also don’t feel I am walking/talking Gil Elvgreen model either. My true self lives between these two extremes…as I assume as many of us do.