Stages and Terms

So there are the five stages of grief, right?

  1. Denial (and isolation)
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance. 

But what the is opposite of that?  The [number TBD] stages of joy or happiness?

Coming to MICA and dealing with all this transition, I am guessing I am somewhere on that path…and still even trying to block out what those steps to that path are…

  1. Overwhelm-ment  
  2. Freak out/melt down
  3. Calling mom
  4. Guilt over privilege
  5. Acceptance of novice-ness
  6. Affirm, practice, train?
  7. Engrained Muscle Memory (hopefully)
    Repeat (hopefully)


Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be from a large family.  Despite the stereotypes, it actually something that can add to your resume!

I am learning that some of the from my experience of the OpenWorks anniversary festivities, many adults are not so attune or honed in skills that are very common to me.

  • I am not overwhelmed by large, seemingly chaotic parties.
  • I am used to having hordes of buzzing children around — of all ages.
  • I don’t think kids with working parents who roam the streets in the afternoon are bad kids, nor their parents neglectful — I mean, I was one of them myself.
  • And I don’t think kids are evil when they act like kids or coin them as “ferral” to their community members.

I get that not everyone likes children, and not all like working with the public, but if both are the case for you…I wonder why you would work the front desk at a community focused worker-space?

Although saddened by some of the mishaps during the events, I am glad that that I learned of these actions and terms.  It shone a light on an issue that I learned has been going on most of the year at OpenWorks…and it inspired me to be the “agent of change” that is needed there.  I have made my presence known…I have been honest about what I have seen and heard…and will continue to hold my ground of disallowing such behavior till someone (cough-cough-management) tells me to stop (doubtful).

Thanks for the bonk on the head and reminding me of my apple-cart-turning-destinies, Paula.

I am ok with being the bully to the bullies…because I am not going to allow my brown or black babies to face that kind of systematic racism on my watch.