The “I wants”

April 29, 2018 –
I have this very distinct feeling of selfishness in this act.  I know that the reflection and act is supposed to get us to a deeper state.  But I kinda feel a little manic at the closing of this semester…kinda like Bob in “What about Bob?”

I have been trying to do “the work” for this whole academic year…and yeah, I am getting a little flappy about the hands and wimpering at this point.

I have no qualms about my name being put on this or not — My wants are:

I want every member of this cohort to do the self-care BEFORE class — in whatever that is and however they see fit — so that they can show up, “turn in,” be as honest as they can about the issues and have a productive day.

I want accountability to be enforced.  Not being honest, not being awake, not participatory is not beneficial for anyone…and I am tired of the excuses and the egg shell walking.

I would like a clear definition of what Community Arts and what the goal of the program is — it was only recently it was disclosed that future leaders are being cultivated — and I know this is my marketing/strategy brain showing — but what IS our credo/tag line/North Star? Leaders who do WHAT?