The first question I am often asked — besides how did I get my hair THAT color — is…”Nacho? How did you get the name ‘Nacho’?  That isn’t your REAL name is it?

No, my parents didn’t name me after a Mexican Appetizer.  They loved me.  They actually gave me a very nice, Catholic name after my grandmother.  I evolved into my cheesy nickname.

The story is, I found roller derby in my mid-20’s and took the pseudo name ‘Nacho Girlfriend’ — like “I am not your girlfriend, I am here to hurt you.”  So, at first, “Nacho” started out as a nickname that only my social circle called me.

Later in 2006, I decided to start my own freelance design firm, and worried about being just ‘Theresa Montiel Designs’ or ‘TM Designs,’ so I started brainstorming business name ideas, taking into consideration…

  • when I mentioned to anyone what I did, I often hear the same similar story, the person has a friend or a friend of a friend or cousin’s half-step-sibling who does graphic or web design.
  • when I first started out, I was often the designer who “fixed” things — brought in to either correct abandoned or botched projects from previous contractors or employees.

So at first it was kind of a joke in my mind, the same way “Nacho Girlfriend” was a pun…there’s “yer mom’s,” “yer cousin’s,” “yer brother-in-law’s half cousins” designs and then there were mine (which were more effective and clients were happier with).  And I wanted to be unique and have a striking name that clients remembered.  So why not “Nacho Momma’s Designs”?

Now, FIFTEEEN years later…friends, clients, coworkers, STUDENTS, and family members (even my husband) all refer to me as “Nacho.”

If you would like to know more about my professional background, feel free to check out my resume or email me with any questions you might have.