Terms and Conditions

Pricing + Payment 

50% nonrefundable deposit of project total is required to begin work.
The Total Cost presented herein is a flat, not-to-exceed fee based on the rounds of edits set forth in this proposal and our understanding of the time required to perform the services as outlined in this document. Changes in scope or additional rounds of edits may impact fees. Any change requests that impact scope will be discussed and approved with the client in advance of implementation.

The project pricing includes DESIGNER’S FEE ONLY. All outside costs will be approved by client in advance.  Any and all outside costs including, but not limited to photography and/or artwork licenses, and online access or hosting fees, will be billed to Client unless specifically otherwise provided for in the Proposal.  Subsequent  redesign, editing hours, or scope changes that outside the outlined proposal will be billed at a minimum of 1/4 hour at a time at $75/hour and will require client approval to begin.  

FINAL Invoices/Payments.
Final invoice will be sent after final design approval and full payment is needed to receive final packaged  design files which will be provided in Adobe
 Suite Program Packages.  This includes all native files, used fonts, graphics, and exported print or web ready files.  Client shall pay all invoices no later than Fifteen (15) calendar days of the final invoice date. A monthly service charge of 1.5 percent (or the greatest amount
allowed by state law) may be charged on all overdue balances. Payments will be credited first to late payment charges and next to the unpaid balance. Client shall be responsible for all collection or legal fees necessitated by lateness or default in payment. Designer reserves the right to withhold Deliverables if accounts are not current or overdue invoices are not paid in full. All grants of any license to use or transfer of ownership of any intellectual property rights under this Agreement are conditioned upon receipt of payment in full, including any outstanding additional costs, taxes, expenses, fees, charges, or the cost of changes.

Client Responsibilities

Client acknowledges that it shall be responsible for performing the following in a reasonable and timely manner: (a) coordination of any decision-making with parties other than the Designer; (b) provision of Client Content in a form suitable for reproduction or incorporation into the Deliverables without further preparation, unless otherwise
expressly provided in the Proposal; (c) final proofreading and in the event that Client has approved Deliverables but errors, such as, by way of example, not limitation, typographic errors or misspellings, remain in the finished product, Client shall incur the cost of correcting such errors; and (d) ensuring that all information and claims comprising Client Content are accurate, legal and conform to applicable standards in Client’s industry.

Communication  + Notices

Client decision makers or “project manager(s)” need to be named at the time of project start. And all notices to be given hereunder shall be transmitted in writing via a project manager(s) via e-mail, or certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, to the addresses identified, unless notification of change of address is given in writing. Notice shall be effective upon receipt or in the case of email, upon confirmation of receipt (by automated confirmation or reply by the recipient).

Final Deliverables

Upon final Client approval, all digital files will be collected and prepared for client hand-off.  Print and Web-safe file versions will be given in both native and exported file types for future use.  The final brand standard will also be updated along with any all collected stock imagery or related graphics, fonts, or palates in the client file library for later use.

Temporary file storage will be made available at project close, but long term handling is up to the client.