“Making” Open Works

A Baltimore-based membership makerspace, their mission is to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to all. They are a hub of manufacturing equipment, office and making space, education, and one of the largest community of maker professionals in Baltimore city.

With 34,000 square feet of fabrication shops, studio space, classrooms, an on-site coffee shop, and a wide variety of traditional and digital tools all under one roof, Open Works is the the largest maker space in the country. Offering access to a woodshop, metalshop, CNC router, multiple laser cutters, a industrial sewing studio, an electronics lab, a 3D printing farm, a PC + Mac computer lab, large scale printers, vinyl cutters, plus the education and community support to learn how to use them…your only limitation is your imagination (and maybe the facility hours).

Infinite Miracle Jewelry

Infinite Miracle

 The idea for the Infinite Miracle Jewelry company was inspired from the two TedX Talks that the Founder, Elizabeth Havlicek was invited to give. The hand written notes, e-mails and phone calls she received let her know that this message – that we are all STILL a Miracle – was a powerful one that resonated with the people who heard it. 

The “Vision” of the shape of the Infinite “M” was truly a Divine one for Elizabeth. She does not feel like the Designer, but more like a “Steward” of the message from a Higher Power. 

I built the IM brand from the ground up — from logo design and packaging design, to the social campaigns and overall online presence.

I dove deep on the social media for this brand, creating both evergreen graphics along with seasonal campaigns. An evergreen example would be the ASTROLOGICAL SERIES, because the “Theresa” collection necklace gave you a choice of your birthstone, I created posts and graphics that spoke directly to those signs…discussing their strengths. For a seasonal campaign — and because I love Halloween — I created a short series of illustrations that connected the “Infinite M” from the logo into a mask elastic…playing on the pun of mask, reminding folks not to MASK the things that make them special.

A “FANTASY” Branding Project

Stemming from my experience and contacts working with FASCINATIONS and Entrenue (FASCINATIONS’ wholesaler)…a small highway-side novelty shop out of Amarillo reach out to me concerning their branding. Their new female owner had inherited it and wanted to rebrand the business to be more inclusive and female-friendly.

So we set out on a full rebrand and at first it was just a logo. But like potato chips, FANTASY SuperStore couldn’t have just one (marketing project). Our engagement later expanded to a full website redesign and an annual sex positive + LBGT-focused social media and billboard campaign.

“Fascinatingly” Sex-Positive Social

With a brand like Fascinations it’s necessary to create custom illustrations and graphics to both permeate the brand on social media but also to stand out in the wall stream of other ads and postings, all looking for your attention.

Focusing on sex-related facts and statistics, the focus was to demystify and normalize sex and sex toys. With some posts being more funny, and some posts being more thought provoking, the entire collection of social medial graphics were created to connect the relatability and comfort of sex-related discussions with Fascinations by using their signature pink and branded fonts and logo.

A Blooming GREEN Party

Glenn Ross | State Delegate

Grass roots built (pun intended), the Green party is based on the principles of green politics, such as social justice, environmentalism and nonviolence.

Through my Community Arts Graduate Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I met Glenn Ross. He was a guest lecturer and tour guide for his Baltimore Toxic Tour. He had spent his previous 20 years dealing with sanitation, public health and decent housing as a community activist on the behalf of his East Baltimore neighborhood and for years was trying to shine a light on the urban environmental issues that faced his community.

So when Mr. Ross announced his interest in running for State Delegacy under the Green Party, I volunteered to do his branding and social strategy. I created a brand standard, along with printed, digital, and DIY marketing materials for his campaign. Sadly he did not win, but the iconography permeated into the East Baltimore community and remnants of the campaign can still be seen “in the wild.”