Max-imum SEO @Eminent

Meet Max. The internal mascot of Eminent SEO. Max was invented my owner and CEO, Jenny Stradling to help promote comradery within the office, but also as a fictional liaison between the internal team and the clients.

Max was first folded into Eminent SEO’s social media channels, which gave a persona for current customers and prospective clients to ask questions, share success stories and engage with other companies. He was cute. He was friendly. But even better was he was a super smart and a creative little monster that had a wealth of knowledge about everything web and SEO related.

In efforts to expand his reach, swag was soon offered via RedBubble for both internal team members and external clients. And when I came into Eminent as an Art Director in late 2016, Max (cough-couhg-Jenny) had a vision grow and expand his character. So using my illustrative skills, I brought Max the Monster in as spokesperson in more of ESEO’s educational blog articles and meme-like social posts where he was the star. I bent and morphed his presence via costumes, accessories and activities so that he could become a “Max-of-all-trades,” as it were.

We educated clients about the latest greatest things happening in SEO via our articles, but I also used the platform of these illustrations to even give a voice to some of the internal complaints (and joys) of being apart of a marketer. Below are some of my favorite MAX graphics I created.

Eminent SEO-cial