Is there a difference between a brand vs. a logo?

Aren’t they the same you ask?
Sorry. Not really….let me explain.

The analogy I use about the difference between what a logo is and branding is an ICEBERG.

Think of your logo or the icon for your business as the pinnacle of your iceberg. The tip top tip. It’s razor sharp SUMMIT.

While your visual front facing messaging is the rest of the TOP of the iceberg. This includes marketing platforms like your website, your ads, and your social media. But did you know this also encompasses your color scheme, even typography and photography you use.

Think of CocaCola. You know the exact red and white swoosh. You know that font. And when thinking about photography around a bottle of Coke…you see smiles and friends, right?

But there is also more to key messaging than that — it can also include how you name your products, your product’s packaging and how it is designed (or not designed), your business taglines, and overall “voice” in your written messaging — be it on your website or in your social posts/replies.

AKA the thing ABOVE the water. The thing EVERYONE can see (easily online or in the world).

But that is not your whole BRAND.

Your brand also encompasses the larger, more complex mass BELOW the water. Your internal staff, the company’s culture you build with them, and your business structure. All of the things that can change how the things above the water move (or don’t move), do or don’t do.

To me, rebranding is not just about changing your logo or icon. That is a result. Rebranding is drilling down into what you would like to do with the business, who you would like to work with ideally (customer persona profiles), and what your “North Star” is for the company, product, or organization.

Think of Nike. We know the SWOOSH. But that is just THE MARK. The icon. The brand is EVERYTHING else we think about when we picture Nike.

So when do you know it is time to rebrand and get a new logo? Learn here…