Meet Nacho

I know it’s weird.  A gal named “Nacho.”  But LONG before me, there was a boy name “Sue.”

I’m Theresa “Nacho” Montiel-O’Donnell (she/her). 

I am a barrier-removing, power-of-design-sharing Registered Yaqui Tribal Member, design educator, community artist, and graphic designer. My North Star: combining organizational requisites with marketing goals through the empathetic lens of accessibility.

As a mixed race person, I have always had one foot in two worlds — betwixt two cultures, two religions, even two identities.  This diverse perspective has prepared me for not just a life as a designer, but also as an agent of change.  I am in search of the intersection where art, agency and justice meet.  At that intersection lies the inspiration and ability to create alternative visions of the future.

My aim as a designer has always been to empower others and create connections through my works.  I am inspired by the historical design periods that gave organizations like the Bauhaus Students, the Russian Constructivists, and multiple feminist, environmentalist, and anti-racist movements their north star.  With that inspiration, my goal is to elicit positive change, whether it be for a small mom-and-pop shop trying to find their piece of the American Dream or  for a larger entity like an international corporation.  All deserve the power design can provide. 

Here are some of my favorite projects:
OW Teen Maker Program | OOOH SO GOOD Branding | ASK + GIVE Community Events