Getting Ms. Elizabeth Havlicek dream off the ground took some work…and A LOT of social outreach and promotion. Kickstarter was her fundraising platform of choice. So to drum up awareness we created a campaign around the raising of the goal funds…plus a subsequent social campaign once the the product launched.


And it really POPPED!

Since the the Kickstarter campaign, I have designed everything from the branding to the packaging all the way up to the website. Today…through the networking and marketing efforts…OOOH SO GOOD! is in a number of small grocery stores including Rollin’ Oats in St. Petersberg + Tampa, FL. Speaking of Tampa — OOOH SO GOOD is the Visitor’s Center for the City of Tampa and she is one of the newest additions to, with more opportunities for distribution in the POPPER!


Kickstarting off on social
To get the business rolling, Elizabeth started with a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was so successful I did a whole fiscal quarter’s worth of custom illustrated social media graphics for the holiday season.

Identity Creation
Created custom typographical icon along with the coordinating color spectrum for flavors.

Package Design
Wanting to convey the joy of eating this lovely treat, I concepted and designed “Smiley” the OOOH! SO GOOD mascot who shows up not only every package of OOOH! SO GOOD, but is sometimes featured in some the custom illustrated social media posts.

Buying online
Til brick and mortar locations can be solidified the store front for OOOH! SO GOOD is their online shop. You can buy alllllll the flavors of Golden Brittle Popcorn and even get them in custom gift package mailed directly to you or your favorite snack-friend.