Phx Theatre • 2016-2017 Season Artwork

Theatre Company + Event Space • Phoenix, AZ 

FUN FACTS: The Phoenix Theatre was founded in 1920, and is among the oldest continually operating theaters in the west! 

This design project goal was to create a “family” and visual cohesion between all these very different shows — because although very different in theme, message, and style every show in the 2016/2017 Season was, in fact, a MUSICAL. I unified these shows with a very clean “hero” icon/image to give some foreshadowing of the the show’s story. 

FINAL 2016/2017 Season Artwork
2016-2017 Phx Theatre Season Art


Custom Illustrations 
Using the flexibility of vectors, the original elements could be broken apart for any platform — from billboards to social media graphics 

Print Design 
With the goal of building awareness, some custom direct mail pieces were designed to get the community excited about the more unique shows 

Phoenix Theatre Signage
Final signage on McDowell Rd and Central Ave in Downtown Phoenix, just outside the Phoenix Art Museum