You are an “Infinite Miracle”

 The idea for the Infinite Miracle Jewelry company was inspired from the two TedX Talks that the Founder, Elizabeth Havlicek was invited to give. The hand written notes, e-mails and phone calls she received let her know that this message – that we are all STILL a Miracle – was a powerful one that resonated with the people who heard it. 

The “Vision” of the shape of the Infinite “M” was truly a Divine one for Elizabeth. She does not feel like the Designer, but more like a “Steward” of the message from a Higher Power. 

I built the IM brand from the ground up — from logo design and packaging design, to the social campaigns and overall online presence.

I dove deep on the social media for this brand, creating both evergreen graphics along with seasonal campaigns. An evergreen example would be the ASTROLOGICAL SERIES, because the “Theresa” collection necklace gave you a choice of your birthstone, I created posts and graphics that spoke directly to those signs…discussing their strengths. For a seasonal campaign — and because I love Halloween — I created a short series of illustrations that connected the “Infinite M” from the logo into a mask elastic…playing on the pun of mask, reminding folks not to MASK the things that make them special.

Although the company did end up folding, this is still one of my favorite design projects — and the live site can be seen via the Internet Time Machine website here and the Facebook page is still live and available for viewing.