KEEN Financial Solutions

The Keen Financial Solutions logo icon was inspired by the founder and CEO of Keen Financial Solutions, Corina Vaquera Dlugosz. She shared the story of her own family’s  “American Dream” pathway. Upon immigrating to the US, her family worked hard as they took up new careers and eventually became homeowners on their way to achieving American citizenship. Today, Keen Financial Solutions’ mission statement involves  “building Multi-generational wealth, one home at a time.”  



Identity Creation
Soup to nuts brand identity and standard, including icon, typography, image standards, and branded colors. 

Social to Signage
Branded social and print collateral were designed to help establish the icon in the Phoenix-metro market.

Company handshake
Belly to belly networking is a major tool for financial advisors. Folded business cards serve as a unique brand handshake. 

New website COMING SOON!