Main Hustle vs. Side Hustle

So I have had a side hustle ever since I was 12. I started bussing tables at the bar and restaurant my mom worked at. It was under the table, it was for tips…but it was not only my way of helping my mom out, it was also a platform for me to build what would be my later strength in community networking.

This main and side hustle musculature continued through high school into college….and later into my current professional career. Although I didn’t have the language for that yet. I was trying to take advantage of every opportunity that came my way.

The perfect example of my approach to a side hustle was when I was at my own gallery opening just after my undergraduate graduation. I was showcasing watercolors, oil and acrylic paintings that I did during my fine art program. When a patron approached me, she told me she liked my work but wasn’t in the market for any art, HOWEVER she was curious if I was at all interested in ‘any commercial work.’ Trying to cover my ignorance of what that was — being a first generation…well…EVERYTHING (college graduate, artist, ect) I didn’t know what that was YET — so I retorted: “If it pays.”

Today as a art director, design educator, and freelance designer, I have these definitions in hand…I still love taking on side projects that excite me no matter their platform. I am eternally curious about how design can help hone solutions for agencies, corporations, small businesses, and even students.

Here is my love letter to the side hustle…

I wrote the script, hired a professional voice actress, storyboarded the flow, digitally illustrated the characters, and animated this video via AfterEffects.