Opening the Warped Vortex

Part gaming and cosplay resource, part DIY jewelry and accessories shop, Warped Vortex Art (or WVA) encompasses all things Comic BLERDY (Black + Nerdy). Founded my a family of DIY makers and content creators to channel all of their personal and connected interests, WVA focuses on cosplay and gaming advice as well as offers custom made nerd and comic related accessories. To help amplify this venture, I illustrated a mascot for each business category, then combined all three mascots into one simplified logo. These digital resources were provided to client to build out their own social media and website, along with promotional items like stickers, t-shirts, business cards, and more.



Custom mascot illustrations
Taking a page from the comic genre, sprinkling in some personality traits, and through the filter that each character should be a bear of some kind, I illustrated a unique character mascot for each of the founding members of the company.

Identity Creation
Building off the mascot illustrations, I repurposed the illustrations into a “official” full color (illustrative) logo and a simplified silhouette.

Web Design
Staying on brand as DIY-ers, WVA opted to build their company website, so I broke out all of my vector illustrations and logo elements from the brand standard into web safe “plug and play” deliverables to give the owners the agency they wanted while still staying in line with the new identity. Check out the current site at: Warped Vortex Art